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Mosaic's BI Support Services

Whether you are in need of ad-hoc services to assess or tune your current BI implementation, or you are considering a migration or upgrade, or you are looking for ongoing managed services and support, Mosaic can tailor a solution for your specific preferences.

BI Managed Services & Support

Mosaic strives to provide clients with the greatest flexibility and confidence in its BI maintenance and support services. Our services are SLA-based and are customized to meet your requirements and our consultants operate as an extension of your own team. Our ultimate goal is to increase the long-term effectiveness of your BI solutions while at the same time reducing your overall maintenance and support costs. Read more about Mosaic’s flexible application management and support services.

BI Monitoring & Audit

Strategic business intelligence solutions quickly become the mission critical lifeblood of organizations by providing the information insights needed to make fast and effective business decisions. However, dashboards and business analytics are based on tremendous amounts of data coming from multiple sources across the extended enterprise.

Mosaic's BI Monitoring & Audit Service is focused on ensuring that your BI solution continues to deliver accurate information and is not prone to security, integration or load vulnerabilities. The Service is also designed to manage the governance of your solution — to ensure ongoing compliance with industry standards.

BI Performance Tuning

Due to the critical nature of the business insights stemming from BI solutions, high performance is an ongoing requirement. However, identifying the source of performance issues in a BI solution environment can be difficult and resolution even more complex.

Mosaic’s BI Performance Tuning Service is designed to identify potential performance issues before they arise and to resolve problems quickly and effectively. Because our consultants specialize in BI solutions, they are able to assess the performance of the solution at all levels — the applications, databases, integration points, analytics & reporting, dashboards and so on. The result is a higher performing solution at a lower cost for our clients.

BI Upgrades & Migration

Mosaic has extensive experience in delivering large-scale migration and upgrade services and has established methodologies specific to business intelligence projects. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, whether you want to upgrade to a newer version of your existing tools and applications or you are making a platform or re-engineering decision for your overall BI architecture.

Mosaic's BI Migration Methodology covers the following phases to ensure the resulting solution is a best fit to meet your technology and business objectives:

Analysis -> Design -> Construction -> Validation -> Testing & Rollout

Our approach is designed to leverage your existing technology investments, to help you consider all of the options and to ensure maximum return on your BI initiatives.