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Enterprise Dashboard Solution

An enterprise dashboard is the key to unlocking the deep insight and detailed understanding that your data can deliver. With a well-designed enterprise dashboard that is accessible from anywhere, decision makers across your organization have immediate access to the information they need to make good decisions with complete confidence. Mosaic's enterprise dashboard solution that allows business users to quickly and easily create key performance indicators from any data source including:

Mosaic's dashboard solutions puts you in the driver's seat, quickly enabling you to see where your business has been and where it's going using easy-to-read graphs, charts and maps along with unlimited drill down capabilities for root cause analysis enabling timely, accurate, and more informed decisions.

Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution

Mosaic offers a range of practical services along with technical and commercial expertise to help business leaders achieve growth. Applying the latest BI technologies and the substantial commercial experience we've gained working closely with top-performing companies, we devise long-term, considered strategies that achieve ROI quickly and get buy-in from all functions and levels within an organisation. At a time when everyone is trying to achieve more with less, our solutions provide the missing link between today’s technology and demonstrable, profitable results.

Enterprise Reporting Solution

Making sense of all of your data is a necessary and typically painful task. Mosaic takes your pain away, with our enterprise reporting solution. You need access to information in order to make better and more timely decisions and we provide the insight you need in a single, feature rich, user friendly, easily implemented tool.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution

Mosaic enables Enterprise Data Warehouse to your organization. Our solution is a reusable data access framework that allows you to present all your data to familiar standards-based tools, on any platform, as if all the data exists in one federated relational database. This flexibility gives you the freedom to choose the business intelligence and deployment solutions that are best for your enterprise business needs.

Off the Shelf Products

We are also distributing the following software

Ripplestone (www.ripplestone.com)
Ripplestone is an affordable web based Crystal Reports management and distribution software package. It allows users to View, Publish and Schedule any Crystal Report, Microsoft Office Document or PDF from a web browser in a secure environment.